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Tristan A. Duggan Mrs. Rodgers English 4 7 February 2018 Music Theory: A Key to Musical Bliss Music has been a language used for many years since the beginning of time. From the first note, it has been destined for greatness, giving names to the nobodys, giving life change through emotion, and being the center of countless standing ovations. At a certain point people are curious as to what causes its great effect on the world and its theory was written. Those who appreciate music have learned it, taken it in, and used it to better themselves. Eventually however people began to argue against it until eventually it was deemed unnecessary by musicians worldwide. Many musicians argue that music theory is dead and hinders musical creativity and…show more content…
You will hear many people argue many things to try to deem it unnecessary just to keep from having to deal with it. People use the excuses that it takes to long, or its useless. However judging by the provided evidence it’s ignorance. Why study music theory? David Werfelmann’s “10 Reasons to study music theory” answers this with a hard hitting comeback. Reason one “to write and perform music accurately. How can you be accurate in something you don’t even know? “It helps creativity based on understanding”. This speaks for itself. Dylan welsh in his own words says, “It educates, disciplines, and teaches patience.”. This is everything that all my arguments are trying to say all in one sentence. He also continues in saying that “true musicians are willing to educate themselves” If you are a true musician with a true passion for your musical gift then why would you not educate yourself in what means so much to you? If you think about it, to not be interested in everything about it would be ridiculous and be considered as such by any musician who truly cares about his craft. In his own words “musicians have a persistent attitude. He states that it’s important “to be able to to listen to music critically. Music theory is not just about your own style of playing. Music theory helps you really listen to others both more and less experience. This could give the potential to teach the less experienced and learn from the more experienced. He also says “Music theory helps a musician to write and perform accurately.”. A true musician is serious about not only his education of the craft but how well he uses the craft. Any musician with true passion will be sincere about bettering himself in every way possible. A musicians playing style makes up most of him as a person. So basically, Why would you not learn music theory if you truly

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