Discrimination Against Girl Child Essay

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Discrimination against a Girl Child: from Conception through Adulthood “Beta! Wo larka hai, larkiyan aisey nahi karti..” “Stop crying like a girl..” “Kiya larkiyon ki tarah ghar par baithey ho, go & play outside.” Sounds familiar? I’m sure many of us can relate to this very thing. Endless statements, but all of these are built on the same purpose; to instill within both a girl & a boy how a boy is and always will be superior to a girl. Despite coming from educated families, we all are a part of this less accepted but real discrimination between a girl child and a boy child. While children all over the world face different forms of adversities in this modern era, girls in particular are subjected to discrimination and coercion for the sole…show more content…
She is forced to live like a second-rate child when her family & the society limit her opportunities to grow to her full potential. This inferior child gradually accepts that life will never be any different. Though many families of Pakistan are matriarchal, still male dominance in our society is perceptible. Tragically, female children are the ones who suffer the most being defenseless against this trauma of discrimination. Following are some bleak instances of what these little girls face all around the developing world: Negligence Third world countries are full of destitute families who see a girl child as a financial predicament. This attitude leads to pervasive negligence of baby girls in Asia, Africa and South America. In many parts of the world, it's a standard practice to breastfeed daughters for less time than sons so that mothers can get expectant again with a baby boy as early as possible. As a consequence, girls are denied a fundamental right of life-giving nutrition during the phase of their growth, which reduces their development and weakens their immune system. The neglecting attitudes continue as the girls grow up. Not much is changed as they grow into women.
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