Teenage Pressure In College

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Education is the process of acquiring the base knowledge and skills that individuals are expected to have in our society. It makes an individual – ‘civilized’, ‘refined’, ‘cultured’ and most importantly ‘educated’ . Generally, people find it odd if someone has not been put into the education system starting from kindergarten to graduating college. After high school, teens are under extreme pressure to join college, which can result in changing their personalities, possibly for the worst due to the pressure. Concluding, fresh high school graduated may get pressured by – increasing their worries about keeping up, having a fear of failure, feeling stressed causing anxiety, and having a lack of self-image and feeling socially pressured. Many…show more content…
It has been discovered that parents who put pressure on their children by over controlling their lives end up making their children have cases of depression, low self-esteem and incompetence. In other words, the parent may think that they are actually supporting their child but this type of parenting style ends up ruining the student’s self-confidence and ability to be a social individual. Every person tries to find in the world that they live in. Teenagers especially can get stressed if they do not fit in a particular social environment, which they have to spend the next 4 to 5 years of their life! Being popular among their social group and classmates is one of the most important things for a teenager. For example, if he/she doesn’t get invited to a social outing or a party, it can have a big effect on them. Peer pressure is also really introduced with a high dosage. Friends might encourage each other to do things that they may regret later on in life such as drinking, smoking and committing crimes. Overall, social pressure is yet another thing that pushes teens towards anxiety and…show more content…
As a college graduate, the person has a better chance of finding a job and better chance of having a job with a higher income than a person who did not graduate from any college or did not attend college. Furthermore, usually an individual who looks for work after high school will tend to have a lower starting salary compared to a college graduate looking for a job. Another reason is that college graduates with high incomes tend to live a better lifestyle since many commodities will be available for them and in some cases, they may have insurance on their house, cars, and also their physical

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