Project Management: A Case Study: Nestle Nigeria

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The project client is Nestle Nigeria it’s a Nigerian–founded company; the organization is into foods, water, and beverages (Emis Store, 2016), it manufactures, market and distributes products in different locations of the country (Reuters, 2017), Nestle can be refer to as the user or economic client according to Baaij (2014). This project is about improving and increasing the overall business performance and, for the redesigning the innovative infrastructural technologies that can enhance and increase the business performance of Nestle Nigeria Plc. The contract agreement is to use project management techniques, tools and methods to increase the overall business performance and measurement of results, and also for the improvement of infrastructural…show more content…
• Contract Termination-this explains how Nestle or the consultant can end the relationship agreement if or when necessary. • Confidentiality- this recognizes the nature of information in Nestle that should be kept confidential by both parties and for what definite period of time. • Records and Ownership of Property-during the project operation materials will be purchased and produce by either both parties, the R&OP contact agreement will specific who will own or have right to the material. • Indemnity and Applicable Law-this explain, who will be responsible for any risk during the project accomplishment stage if it Nestle, Insurer or the Consultants. This is why it is advisable for consultants to have an insurance on professional indemnity with insurance company, with this the insurer can bear the…show more content…
This method of approach has been used successfully by large well-known organizations such as General Electric, Motorola, Toshiba, Boeing, Seagate and many more (Anbari, 2002). The Six Sigma method will be strategically applied on Nestle Nigeria Plc, by focusing on its customers’ requirements for understanding them better and at the same time removing imperfections and wastages to improve Nestle products and services. And, including various aspects of the firm such as the Marketing department, Production department, Finance & Accounts department, and the department of Human Resources and Administration (ASQ, 2017a; ASQ, 2017b;Anbari, 2002; Gack, 2017; Peterka, no date; Radhika, 2012; Zucker,

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