Oppression Of Women In Pakistan Essay

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Introduction Pakistan and Nigeria have two things in common, reactionary, religious operators and a society which oppresses women. Nigeria is the nation with the highest amount of non-attendees in school in the world, and the majority of these children are girls. A total of 10 million youths are not receiving formal education, and in the current, violent climate, this number is rising. Education and literacy is amongst the most important and efficient tools used for changing the quality of lives as well as expanding development globally. Educating young girls brings socio-economic benefits to both future generations, as well as to women across the globe. Background During early 1800s to mid 1900s, both Nigeria and Pakistan were colonized by the British Empire. Britain industrialized and improved their living standards. Although, after the colonized states received liberation, they struggled with…show more content…
Discrimination against women in education is common and in both Pakistan and Nigeria are patriarchies, and the old, outdated values keep children in their homes. Without the ability to read and write, women becomes underrepresented in working life and not given the same opportunities as men, with their potential lost. Consequences What would the impact be if the Nigerian and the Pakistani societies became equal between women and men? How can individuals benefit economically? Direct positive changes can be seen for women. With knowledge in the English language, and thereby women would gain economic independence from men and gain the possibility to freedom by earning their own money, resulting in improving their life quality. This leads on to these women's children, who will be growing up in a safer, richer home. In addition, educated girls have bigger power of the amount of children being

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