Impact Of Education In Pakistan

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The impacts of the failed education system are enormous. The education system in the country has failed to address the economic challenges facing Pakistan. The stability of the economy is pegged on the ability of the government to come up with the right policies that can address its economic challenges. The human development index of any country is directly proportional to its education standards. Pakistan was placed at the 136th position in the globe regarding Human development Report yet the country is the 6th largest in the world (Rashid & Mukhtar, 2012). The economy is also dependent on the contribution of both men and women in the country. In fact, women have been cited as the biggest drivers of small business enterprises. The contribution…show more content…
Few students are prepared through technical education leading to a huge deficit in the workforce for driving industries and contributing to economic growth. The lowered GDP occasioned by the poor education standard is responsible for the lower standard of living. The country has failed to achieve its set economic targets. The poor education system is part of the reasons the country has been lagging behind in its achievement especially on international conventions like MDG. The achievement of the MDG is grounded in the ability to revamp the education system and implement Universal Primary Education for all as well as promote the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. The level of enrollment and the gender considerations in the education access in Pakistan is deplorable (Hussain, 2015). The impact of the education failure cascades into the heart of the economy. Low literacy levels have resulted in runaway corruption which often involves the misuse and theft of the public resources. Poor setting of the economic policies is responsible for skewed economic development and growth and isolation of other…show more content…
A good education system brings out refined professionals who are prepared and equipped to solve the social, economic, and political challenges facing the society. The opposite happens if the education system is bad. It can be seen that Pakistan has been faced with challenges attributed to the failure of its education system. The government takes the biggest share of blame for the failing education system in Pakistan. The government’s disregard for the serious challenges faced by the country’s education system has only helped to compound the problem. The government has watched as its system is being torn apart by skyrocketing corruption, terror activities, and overemphasis on religious tenets at the expense of the quality of formal education. The poor funding and lack of serious investments in research and development have led to sustained failure in the education system. Without any tangible plan and action, the country will continue to suffer the social and economic consequences of the failed

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