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STEP FORWARD INITIATIVES BY GOVERNMENT FOR IMPROVEMENT OF NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF HUMAN POPULATION AND THEIR HEALTH IN INDIA Abstract Malnutrition below 5 years is a very serious issue in India. It has become a challenge to The Department of Women and Child Development Authority. Malnutrition is may be due to under-nutrition or over-nutrition. The present review assesses the data available on under-nutrition and also throws a light on the management strategies applied to culminate this serious threat to the country. The data collected so far from various surveys, UNICEF report and WHO report suggests that despite repeated measures taken to reduce the malnutrition, the goal of reducing malnutrition still persists. According to literature the worst affected region due to under-nutrition is South Asia and…show more content…
56% of women and 56% of adolescent girls suffer from iron deficiency anaemia, whereas, half of the adolescent girls between 15-19 years old are highly undernourished. It is too often that new mothers are adolescents. A staggering 75% of them are anaemic and most put on less weight during pregnancy than they should - 5 kg on average compared to the worldwide average of close to 10 kg [2]. National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau data reported in 1989 showed that 17% of children below 5 years suffered from malnutrition linked to a weight deficit of 40% and nearly 45% of children of the same age group who suffered moderate malnutrition had a weight deficit of 25-45% [6]. It is reported that there were about 1.5 million deaths of women and children due to malnutrition [7]. Reports say, an average 309,300 Indian babies are led to deaths on the day they are born. A number of 876,200 child deaths occur during their first month of life. It has been estimated that 1.6 million children have died before they reach their 5 year age [2]. • 22% of babies are born with low birth-weight • 42% children (0-5 years) are

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