Chemical Plant Case Study

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SITE STUDY Before setting up a chemical plant, we have to first decide on the location where the plant will be built at. This selection is important as it brings about significant impact on the profitability of the plant. Hence, careful consideration and analysis is required in locating the plant. For a site to be suitable site for a chemical plant, it must fulfil the following criteria: • Location of the raw materials and prospective market • Price of land • Transportation of raw materials and products • Market demand • Availability of utilities (i.e. water supply, electricity) • Availability of workforce Our product will be generated in relatively small scale. Considering that, we are focusing mainly on the location of the plant, with…show more content…
It is needed for general processes and domestic uses. The plant site must have an adequate amount of water supply throughout the year. Nearest residential area The distance of the plant to the nearest residential area needs to be taken into consideration. The plant has to be built at a safe and acceptable distance from the residential area due to potential harmful gases emissions and the flammability of our product. Market demand for methanol The market demand for methanol has to be determined before deciding to operate a methanol production plant. Some of the uses of methanol in the industry is as the feedstock for manufacturing formaldehyde and acetic acid. Therefore, we are targeting to supply our generated product to formaldehyde and acetic acid manufacturers. The plant should be located near the manufacturers to reduce the transportation cost. The table below shows the comparison between the possible site locations: Table of comparison for factors affecting the choice of site location Location of site Tanjung Kidurong Industrial Area, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia Xishui Industrial Area, Dongying, Shandong,…show more content…
The availability of utilities such as water supply and electricity at the plant site are beneficial to our plant. The water supply and electricity in this industrial area is provided by PDAM and PLN Indonesia. A river, Kali Rungkut that is connected to Bali Sea, is situated within short distance of 3km from our plant. Wastewater treatment system for domestic, process and contaminated water is also available at the plant site. The plant is also sited convenient enough to centre of population where we can get access to workforce to operate the

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