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Medicinal plants are one of the precious gifts of nature which are in use for the treatment of a number of diseases from primitive times. Even today, approximately 75% of population of our country which lives in rural and remote areas is very much dependent on medicinal plants. These medicinal plants are rich source of important bioactive compounds which cure and protect us from various diseases. Our traditional system of medicine like Ayurvedic and Unani system of medicine are totally based on medicinal plants. The Ayurvedic system is advantageous to that of allopathic system because in latter case the side effect caused by the medicine is the main setback. Sometime this may also result in the death of the patient under treatment. This is…show more content…
Now a day by using modern and sophisticated techniques, a chemist can easily isolate these active compounds and elucidate their structure with complete stereochemistry. We can easily find out the active site which is responsible for certain medicinal character of the drug. Due to medicinal importance of the plants and isolated various organic constituents which have been characterized and classified in different classes viz. alkaloids, steroids, terpenoids, flavonids etc. This branch of study of chemistry is known as “Phytochemistry”. Which deals with systematic chemical investigation of the plants including isolation, purification and characterization of the plants…show more content…
An active constituent of this has been derived for the treatment of cardiac congestion, angina and other ailments. Glycyrrhiza glabra was used medicinally for centuries in India and China for the treatment of asthma and indigestion. The active constituent of this plant glycyrrhizinic acid has healing properties. The roots of Panax ginseng have been used for revitalization in China for centuries

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