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The important preventive measures for the toxic chemical, spillage or pollution are as follows: Solid: Dust form – Collect dust by vacuum entrapped in cyclones or Scrubbers. Stop the dust formation in the source itself. Studies: Treat the toxic chemicals with other chemicals to form non-toxic Chemicals e.g. Hydrogen Cyanide (toxic) + Sodium Thiosulphate = Sodium Thiocyanate (non-toxic) Arsenic and its compounds are toxic. No other method is available to Change the toxic arsenic to non-toxic arsenic. Liquid State Toxic Chemicals: Spillages are to be avoided by just draining the toxic liquid to the ground. Draining and washings are to be collected in proper containers. Toxic liquid should not be contaminated with drinking water, reverse, channels, sea etc. Toxic…show more content…
Approved standards and codes of practices should be followed. ii) Isolation of the equipment – Inadequate isolation or improper isolation of equipment on which maintenance work is to be carried out are sources for many accidents. iii) Emptying, Purging and Cleaning – Much maintenance requires the prior removal of process materials. Safe working procedures should be adopted while emptying, purging and cleaning for maintenance activities. iv) Tank repair and demolition – the repair and demolition of tanks have given rise to a number of accidents and requires careful planning. All prerequisite precautions should be taken in these works. v) Hot working and welding – the principle hazard of hot work including welding is that it introduces a source of ignition. vi)Hot tapping – Hot tapping involves attaching a branch on to a pipe line which is still operational. It is potentially a hazardous technique. Hot tapping requires careful preparation and

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