The Negative Effects Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is the most used illicit drug in the world. It causes many effects to the human mind and body. Although people declare this drug to not be addictive, but with repetitive uses, it can cause a wide range of physical and behavioral problems, including decreased learning abilities. Unlike alcohol or tobacco, marijuana is not toxic and cannot be the cause of death by an overdose. The view on this topic has been made a serious issue around the U.S, concerning many people who use it nonchalantly, and it has occurred to us that the usage has increased among many teens to this very day. Marijuana is made up of the dried buds and leaves from the part of an Indian Hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa. There are two different forms to this plant,…show more content…
But not all Marijuana related drugs are used for negative purposes, some are used for medical treatments, and researchers have found a distinct variety that contains little or no hallucinogenic substances. With the many effects of Marijuana, it is reported that it contains a chemical substance calleddelta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Its compound structure consists of cannabinoids, also known as THC to be the primary ingredient, but the effect in the substances varies with the strain and maturity of the plant. Marijuana is composed of chemical compounds that is condensed into a aromatic, tar-like resin that causes variegation and psychedelic outcomes. It contains about 12% of active chemicals and is responsible for 70% to 100% of the euphoric actions. Studies show that it goes through a process with a combination of different substances formulating a chemical reaction before going to the stage where it causes harm. Mixed with Marijuana, it can influence brain-wave…show more content…
It can also be absorbed when it is dissolved in the essential oil. Extracts of marijuana can be made through alcohol, which is absorbed under the tongue and insinuates the mucus in the mouth. Marijuana can also be prepared in hash or hash oil, which is when most of the plant matter is removed and is only left with the condensed part of the plant. Users typically inhale enormous amounts, holding it in your lungs to maximize the amount of absorption. The THC is strained into butter so that it can be eaten and sometimes prepared in various ailments. When this process is used, the effect takes longer to begin, and usually lasts longer than having it smoked. The amount one obtains does not associate with life-threatening stages, but to every individual, THC contents effects

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