Water Pollution In China

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Abstract Without water the probability of survival is extremely low. Water provides vital nutrients to the body and is an important element for sustaining body functions. However, if water becomes contaminated it could pose negative health effects on all species. In China regions, researchers conducted case studies to determine if the water in provinces, lakes, and rivers are being polluted. Introduction In various areas across the world, bodies of water are being polluted. Man-made pollution from industrial plants and illegal dumping of chemicals and other contaminates are the primary causes. In areas such as Taihu Basin, Lake Taihu, Liaohe and Plain Pearl River China, researchers have conducted a study to determine…show more content…
Their first avenue was to identify the water quality across the regions that stretched along the China provinces, lakes, and rivers. Water samples were collected from the surfaces of potable and non-potable water as well as from wastewater sources. Once the water samples were collected, researchers prepared and placed the water segments into tubes. During this process, drops of dichloromethane were added into the tubes for pretreatment of the water samples. The samples were vigorously shaken for approximately 30 minutes and then set aside until the contaminants could be extracted. The tubes were placed in storage to air-dry in a room with air conditioner and monitored for any changes. Researchers left the samples in the tubes for at least two weeks to allow the water to evaporate from the tubes. Once the water evaporated, the residue became noticeable for them to extract and conduct further research. The researchers used the samples to determine the high to low levels of each pollution

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