Bhopal Incident Case Study

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Analysis and Discussion: There are lots of accident occur in the maritime industry which related to maritime work force awareness and knowledge. Small ignorance can lead to major accident which can cause the loss of life, loss of property and can be harm for the environment. Stolt Valor explosion: On 15th March 2012 one of the chemical tanker named STOLT VALOR which caught fire and subsequently explosion[Fig-1] at international water off Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There were total 25 crew was on board. One was missing and 24 crew was rescued by the US navy coalition warships” USS John Paul Jones” and “Coast Guard Cutter Baranof “. The captain of the Stolt Valor later confirmed that one crew members died during an explosion.…show more content…
After accumulating on the ground , its created a flammable vapor cloud which later ignited by a running truck Engine. [15] After the investigation, it was found that major negligence and gross violation of the safety culture which was not practiced by the maritime workers in the plant. There was a lot of equipment failure including failure of proper risk management, staff management. Also, it was having very poor maintenance and inspection, and general health and safety assessments. The BP has encountered great loss of reputation including financial crises which can be avoided by following proper safety culture. [15] Bhopal Incident: The chemical disaster at Bhopal, India which occurred on 2nd Dec 1984was the one of the deadliest incident in the chemical industry. Due to that incident hundreds of people died from the effect of toxic gasses including over twenty thousand people needed hospital attention. [15] The incident happened in the chemical factory which was handling methyl isocyanine gas (MIC). The tanks containing methyl isocyanine gas contaminated by the water causing reaction and increasing the temperature inside the tank which later raised the pressure. After raising the pressure the tank vented and released toxic gases to the

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