Importance Of Unity Is Strength Essay

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“Unity is strength” is a phenomenon many of us passively embody in our everyday life. It is implied in the story of a man, his sons and a bundle of sticks. Each of his sons could break off a stick separately. However, when the sticks were tied into a bundle, none of them could do it solely. It was only when their father suggested that they attempt the feat in unison that the bundle broke. The moral value of the story is that prosperity comes easier (and sometimes faster) to those who work together. Disunity and conflict cause individuals not to look past their own interests and make sacrifices for the benefit of a group – consequently making it weaker. The notion “unity is strength” holds true because it is the central basis for peace, continuity, and bliss of a family, society, and nation. Individuals unite to: solve simple…show more content…
On the contrary, however, when these members fall out, there will be a social anarchy that often results in death. There are few environments that quite exemplify this point like the wild. Take the example of the African Savanna; the survival of both predators and prey depends on their ability to work as a team. Whenever buffalo bulls engage in fighting contests to assert their ultimate dominance within the group, lions are often successful in their hunt. This is because when fighting, the buffalo bulls let guard down – leaving the entire herd exposed and vulnerable. However, in instances where the herd is harmoniously going through its normal activities, say grazing or migrating, lions attacks are often unsuccessful. The large bulls within the herd typically work together to form a protective barrier around the young and weak, consequently repulsing the attacking lions. Similarly, wild dogs live, travel and hunt in packs. By coordinating as a team, they are able to bring down prey more than twice their size or even subdue larger predators such as a lone

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