Cheerleading Stunts

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This report will focus on the maneuvers in cheerleading known as stunts and the hazards associated with stunting. During cheerleading meets, competitors participate in events which allow them to showcase their stunts. Stunts that are common in cheerleading include basic two-legged stunts, one legged extended stunts, highflying basket tosses, and pyramids. Cheerleading can be a very dangerous sport, and even fatal. In America, cheerleading accidents accounts for more that half the catastrophic sports injuries in female athletes (Bernstein 2010). Most of the injuries are suffered by 12 to 17 year old girls. Cheerleading injuries have doubled in recent years according to a report by a 2012 report by the American Academy of paediatrics (Paediatrics,…show more content…
Back injuries are also very common. As most stunts require lifting other cheerleaders above the head, this can put significant stress on the lower back and cause back pain. More serous issues can arise through fractured vertebras of the back. Concussions also occur. Stunts are high contact manoeuvres performed around the head and neck area; therefore there is an increased risk of concussion. Why do injuries occur? Qualification of staff and trainers is not appropriate Historically, cheerleading has been viewed as a group of girls waving poms poms encouraging their local sports team from the sidelines. However in the last two decades the sport has become more professional and the stunts that are performed are more dangerous and complex. Today, the stunts incorporate gymnastic moves and require real athleticism and skill. Some coaches lack the correct qualification to teach and supervise the dangerous stunts that are completed. Cheerleading is not considered a sport by some state high schools in America, thus not all coaches hold the relevant accreditation and training (Dakks,
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