The Pros And Cons Of Competitive Cheerleading

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“There are raw statistics that cheerleading accounts for two-thirds of all catastrophic injuries among female high school athletes. Honestly, cheerleading isn’t as safe as you might think, which was one of the reasons New York State - following 34 other states and Washington D.C. - reclassified it as an official school sport last month.”(Hickey, Walt) Competitive Cheerleading is a sport. Many people were upset about this accusation because in their minds they believe cheerleading isn’t a sport. These people believe it’s a club or activity there to bring spirit or entertain the men. Others say that cheerleading takes hard work, determination, and effort. To add to that there isn’t a solid definition of an “official” sport, but there is a definition…show more content…
In order to do competitive cheerleading it takes skills and effort to work and try so there’s less possibilities of injuries. Cheerleading wouldn’t have fatal injuries or severe injuries if the state government was more strict on rules and regulations. People can achieve this by making it an “official” sport, and start cracking down and giving money so that cheerleading is safer. Everyone doesn’t just throw the word sport around saying rock climbing is a sport or fishing those are activities. Competitive Cheerleading on the other hand is a whole new level that has worked hard enough to earn the reputation of being a sport. A sport isn’t a game that has to do with physical activity between them and the opposing team. For example volleyball, golf, track, etc. A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Competitive Cheerleading meets those requirements through stunting, competitions, and tumbling. Cheerleading entertains thousands of people at games and competitions every year. There are points or requirements to be called an “official” sport. One of the six is “ it must be a physical activity which involves…show more content…
Well Competitive Cheerleading to some people has lead to be believed as it not being a sport. People think its just dancing, its just for popularity, or better yet it girls running around half dressed showing off for men. Many say its not a sport because you don’t have physical contact. Theres also the opinion that cheerleading isnt a sport because cheerleading was originally for encouragement and to bring spirit to football games. Lets put those debates to rest. Competitive Cheerleading has two minutes and thirty seconds of hard working and not stop breathing of running, throwing, and determination only thirty seconds is allowed to be dancing, in that case its not all dance. Think if cheer had to have physical contact with the opposing team explain volleyball, or golf, what about track and gymnastics. Those don’t contain physical contact from the opposing team. What about if we were showing off to men then why aren’t the competitive cheerleading competitions full of guys. We also have male cheerleaders and some teams are just male cheerleaders. Back in the day cheer was dominated by men.”For the next 25 years, “yell squads” consisted entirely of male students at universities.”(Rzeszut, Jessica) There are plenty of other sports that have physical contact like for example track your against the person but theres no physical touching. another one is ultimate frisbee and you win based off points. Theres also

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