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A Film Analysis of Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino directed and wrote the screenplay for Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction is easily one of the most viewed and debated films of our time. The film is shot in a discontinuous style that is very unique, but it can become difficult to understand the story if you're not paying attention. Pulp Fiction is multiple stories being told at once; it can be difficult to distinguish what the main story its. Quentin Tarantino uses cinematography and editing techniques in order to make a statement in one of the biggest Hollywood films of his time. Quentin Tarantino achieves this by following and breaking most popular cinematography and editing techniques such as manipulating time and space, continuity editing, and…show more content…
Film noir is a genre of cinematographic film; it can be identified as a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. Is very clear to see how and where Tarantino let film noir influence this film. Dark settings, flawed characters, crime, drugs and violence can be found in Pulp Fiction. A gangster film or mob film is a genre of film dealing with organized crime usually the mafia. Gangster films and film noir go hand in hand. Aspects of the gangster film genre can be easily found in Pulp Fiction. For example, Marsellus is a mob boss and Vincent and Julius are hit men in his…show more content…
An example of Quentin Tarantino using crosscutting is in the scene where Mea is lying in Vincent’s car dying from snorting heroin and Vincent is speeding in his car to get to the drug dealer’s house. The camera cuts to the drug dealer sitting in a chair watching television, then cuts back to Vincent frantically calling the drug dealer. Again the camera cuts back to the drug dealer and the ringing from his phone can be heard in the background. When the drug dealer finally answers the phone, the camera cuts back to Vincent in the car on the phone telling the dealer that he needs help and is coming over. When the camera cuts back to the dealer. he is screaming at the phone telling Vincent not to come over. As he is yelling this, he hears the squeaking wheels of a speeding car making a tight turn. The drug dealer hangs up the phone after hearing a large crash in his front yard. The camera follows the drug dealer as he steps outside his door to reveal that it was Vincent’s car that crashed into his house. Tarantino chooses this editing technique needs help fast or she will die. Not only is this a fantastic example of crosscutting, but it also builds suspense with the

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