Diversity As Depicted In The Film, X-2

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The media representation plays a role in our lives. Our brains are like sponges that absorbs what is around us. Our observations and personal experiences, shapes our attitudes toward a person or thing. In X-2, people who are not mutants are considered able-bodied or the 'norm' of society. These people are afraid of their differences and want to cure their mutation. Each mutant have some form of disability, physical or mental. Due to their genetic abnormalities, they can look completely different from the 'norm' or blend in; respectively, Kurt and Mystique. The attitudes of non-mutants causes segregation, which alienates and forces mutants to create their own communities. This pushed some mutants such as Magneto, to resent them for their normalcy. While others like professor Xavier, wants to show them there is nothing to cure or fear. In the film, disability is represented in a positive light and sends a good message to society at large. The mutants at professor X's school are considered gifted and are taught to embrace their abilities others do not…show more content…
Some people with disabilities requires prosthetics, such as legs or arms to help them on an everyday basis. Logan, a mutant uses his indestructible claws to fight and protect himself, while Cyclops requires special visors for him to see. The diversity of the mutants is made up of different races and economic backgrounds similar to real people with disabilities. In addition to different backgrounds, mutants can feel estrange from mainstream which is something a disable person might experience. For example, Magneto is a powerful mutant who leads a group of villains composed of outcast rejected by society. They feel alienated and want to create their own society without non-mutant interference. In Magneto's case, it also showed how negative attitudes and not accepting differences, can draw a line signifying, it's you against

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