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Hernan Cortes was an explorer. He also became part of a military group. According to Spain's history Hernan Cortes was one of Spanish’s best explorers. But what else do we know about Hernan Cortes? Hernan Cortes was born on 2 December 1458. Hernan Cortes lived in Medellin (Spain) with his mother and father. Hernan’s mother and father hoped he would one day became a lawyer. He was a farmer and worked for about six years in Hispaniola. When he became sick of farming he became part of a military group. He lead a military group to fight he had only had 500 men. As well as a few horse’s also with one or two cannons and a few guns. When he was in Mexico to fight, Hernan burnt his ships so that none of the men could turn back. Hernan Cortes also wanted to conquer the Aztec Empire, which he did after he left Diego Velasquez.…show more content…
The first island he sailed around was Hispaniola, where the Spanish had their headquarters in the West Indies.Hernan Cortes got his inspiration from his university, Salamanca where his grandad went. He got his inspiration from San Salvador. He studied lots there and came home when he didn’t want to learn anymore at university. He also wanted to sail to find new spices and new foods. But mostly he was looking for gold. Hernan tricked the Aztecs into giving him gold when he arrived in Mexico. One of the treasures he got was chocolate. Hernan Cortes had a lot of achievements in his life and his life was quite short. He won Mexico by defeating the Aztec Empire. Aztec Empire was an empire that had never been defeated before. Hernan also became mayor of Santiago De Cuba. After he defeated Aztec empire and after he won Mexico he got the crown of Mexico. These were huge accomplishments back in those days, especially defeating Aztec Empire and becoming mayor of Santiago De Cuba and becoming a leader of a military group. Hernan Cortes also had some kids with Maria Cortes had 2 kids named Donna Cortes and Martin

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