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Many people think that cheerleading is just performing on Friday nights, but there is so much more to cheerleading than just that. Cheerleading takes a combination of time and effort. Although cheerleading looks easy, it takes dedication, teamwork, and leadership to become a well-rounded cheerleader. First and foremost, dedication is a key role to being a cheerleader. Dedication means you need to absolutely love what you are doing and wanting to succeed at it. For example, I spend countless hours working to get everything perfect for competition. Almost all my spare time is put into practicing for a two minute routine that requires a high level of stamina and endurance. Competitive cheerleaders all have a common goal: to be the best. To achieve that goal every cheerleader must put in the hours and hard work to help their team overcome the blood, sweat, and tears that are not known to come with cheerleading. Every cheerleader knows that to be successful there has to be dedication.…show more content…
Team work is defined by working together to achieve a common goal. Team work involves completely trusting the people around you on a cheer squad. A flyer must trust her stunt group’s capability to work as a team to keep her in the air and catch her if she falls. When people look at stunts the main person they see is the flyer. Most people do not recognize the combined effort of the bases, back spots, and flyers to keep a stunt in the air. For instance, it takes a flyer to stay tight, a base to push and throw, and a back spot to pull up the weight in order for a stunt to come together to hit. This shows that no matter how good an individual is, he or she will get nowhere without their team behind their

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