Are Cheerleaders A Dangerous Sport?

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Female cheerleaders should be looked at in the same criteria, which you would look at a male athlete. Cheerleaders should be looked at as competitive athletes, rather than sex symbols. Looking at cheerleaders as sex symbol can severely damage their self-esteem and their confidence as a human being. First of all, cheerleaders have to train just as hard as male athletes in other sports. Cheerleaders have to do a substantial amount of running to keep themselves in shape, in order to be able to perform some of the stunts that they perform such as, high jumps, cartwheels, and the splits. Just because they are female, doesn’t mean that they do not have to train just as hard as male athletes.…show more content…
Cheerleaders can suffer severe injuries while performing stunts. According to an ESPN article, a cheerleader named “Eileen Bangaoil,” tore her ACL while performing a stunt, and she put off having surgery on her knee, so that she could finish out the season. If that isn’t considered a dangerous sport, than I do not know what the criteria for a dangerous sport is. Also, looking at cheerleaders as sex symbols, really puts a bad influence on little girls who want to become a cheerleader when they become older. A little girl should not want to become a cheerleader, just to become a sex symbol, they should want to become a cheerleader because of, the competitiveness of the sport of cheerleading. Putting erotic dance moves into cheerleading, instead of, competitive dance moves, takes the sport right out of cheerleading. If you take the sport right out of cheerleading, then, cheerleaders would just be characterized as sex symbols, and not

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