Causes Of Self-Driving Cars

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Self-driving cars have been discussed for many years now, and they will be used for our society everyday use in the future. Some of the possible causes of self-driving cars are distracted driving, drunk driving, and texting while driving. Many car companies, colleges, and universities have been involved along with technology and car experts. Some of the possible solutions to the problem are to help reduce traffic congestion, deaths, and fatal car accidents. Self-driving cars are new emerging technology, and it will be used for our society everyday use in the future. While self-driving vehicles will provide a new form of technology in the future, they will affect our society by being an emerging technology that is innovative, dangerous, and…show more content…
In “Point: Driverless Vehicle Technology Is the Future of Driving.”, the article states that driverless vehicle technology is emerging in the U.S. markets. It discussed revolutionizing automobile driving through continuous innovation, reducing the risk of traffic accidents caused due to human error, and upgradation of driverless vehicles to mitigate any safety risks by continuing technological innovation. The article stated that “Driverless vehicle technology will revolutionize the future of automobile driving, making it a nearly risk-free mode of transportation.” (“Point: Driverless Vehicle Technology Is the Future of Driving” (1). According to “Why Self-Driving Cars Might Not Lead to a Huge Drop In Fuel Consumption,”The article focuses on the environmental aspects of autonomous vehicle technology. It includes information on the report of Department of Energy of U.S. related to the prospective reduction in the fuel consumption due to automated vehicles and estimation of Environmental Protection Agency related to the greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. It discusses the prospective manufacturing of fully driverless cars by automotive companies including Tesla, Nissan, and BMW. Self-driving cars are an advantage to…show more content…
In “Autonomous driving safety features create problems at carwashes,” it reports that autonomous safety technologies create hassles and delays for carwash bound vehicle owners in the U.S. Self-driving cars have become risky. According to “Perceptions of autonomous vehicles: Relationships with road users, risk, gender and age.”, it discussed different perspectives about self-driving cars and the benefits for expected improvements in road safety. Self-driving cars have some low and high risk. It was stated that “Overall, results revealed that autonomous cars were perceived as a “somewhat low risk “form of transport and, while concerns existed, there was little opposition to the prospect of their use on public roads.” (Hulse, Lynn M., et al.1) Self-driving cars are at a

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