Four Types Of Bad Drivers

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Bryan Tran M. Lopez English C100 11 December 2015 Four Types of Bad Drivers Although I don’t have my license yet, it’s not hard to notice the different types of drivers out on the streets. Especially in urban areas such as Los Angeles, everyone is expected to drive safely and cautiously for the safety of themselves and everyone else around them. However, not everyone is as selfless and caring as expected to be and that’s where different types of drivers come to existence. I have identified at least four types of bad drivers and although there may be more, these are the most common styles. These are the types of people that make our days unbearable when we need to get somewhere and they consist of the aggressive driver, the uncertain driver,…show more content…
Whenever my mom is driving me to school, it’s always so weird how these types of drivers seem to drive in front of us every time we’re in a hurry. Also even worse is when they encounter a pedestrian or a bicyclist, they tend to wait at least 20 feet away from the crossing line, which usually causes awkward transitions for drivers who might want to go into the left-turn only lane for example. The worst part is that you can’t even blame them because you understand that they are just trying to be as safe as possible for themselves and for others. Holding up traffic and other people’s time is definitely not a good thing, but these types of drivers shouldn’t necessarily be forced to change because this is actually the safest style of driving for the…show more content…
Like I said before, aggressive drivers may be great drivers in terms of skill, but eventually their driving style will encounter an accident. The slow driver is definitely the best when it comes to safety, but they also encounter many accidents because of other people’s frustration as one example. Uncertain drivers are really annoying to deal with due to their unpredictable nature and when people have poor communication, problems will undoubtedly occur. Worst of all, drunk drivers have no sense of safety for themselves and for others. They are the most likely to be involved in a car accident and even accidental murder and should really be dealt with strictly and mercilessly by the law. These are the four types of drivers to look out for and as someone who has a mom with a very aggressive driving style, I can say with first-hand experience that this is not good for the

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