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The Important of Mathematical Tutor Muorwel Malual Community College of Aurora Hook: “Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics,” says - Simeon Poisson, (Inspirational Quotes about Life, no date). Although, there is "aha" moment’s students’ experience which is not necessarily correlate to any particular explanation which tutor given, and some tutor attribute it to God giving them insight, even when their explanation was not anything special. As a matt of fact, many of student’s do know the importance of mathematics tutoring and contributions of mathematics tutors and teachers for their great support ether in lecture-room, or tutoring-room. On one hand, mathematics tutoring…show more content…
Unlike teachers, mathematics tutors have the opportunity to work with students in much smaller contexts with less time constraints. Therefore, students have the opportunity to process through the material a second time at a pace that matches their understanding. As well as, the student in the Community College of Aurora, the most one thing I observed is that mathematics tutor at the TRiO Program, knows that students often think they are incapable of understanding mathematics. But, with time, effort, and different explanations, students come to realize that math is a something they can learn. Thesis: Mathematics tutoring is a dialogue, where both tutor and student explain ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. It helped students finding solutions to difficult ideas, and present opportunities of turning them into new products that impact…show more content…
It can be specific thing from culture to culture and influences understanding. For example, in the early of my boyhood, in the Republic of the South Sudan. My first mathematics problem solving involved with re-account calves in the cattle camp. In my Dinka ethnic group ignorant world, I was tremendously social responsible. Because I often step up, think, and act critically and creatively to bring all calves together for accountability. Unless, mathematics tutor understood and appreciate people, cultures, and ides from around the world is the best beneficial part about mathematics work. Mathematics complex ideas are powerful shapers of the way people experience the physical and social words. As a Dinka ethnic background, mathematics ideas reflected what students need to know to cope with the environment and the patterns of the world that benefit global awareness. In one hand, most students do not love finding solutions to difficult mathematics complex issues. On the other hand, some students deeply enjoy mathematics itself since it reflects the logic and beauty of entrepreneurship. Therefore, people develop, organize, and manage ideas and opportunities turning them into new products, services, firms, or

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