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Android Based Jogging Application A Thesis Submitted in Partial Ful llment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology by Swati Agrwal 20118015 Aman K. Shrivastava 20119004 Sonam Verma 20118007 Sumit 20118038 Satveer Singh 20081056 to the COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT MOTILAL NEHRU NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ALLAHABAD November, 2014 UNDERTAKING ii I declare that the work presented in this thesis ti- tled \Android Based Jogging Application", submitted to the Computer Science and Engineering Department, Moti- lal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, for the award of the Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology, is my original work. I have not plagiarized…show more content…
The application must be able to provide a precise location anywhere by using the available localization systems Eg. GPS coordinates,mobile network and display the current location on a map.If a localization system is not available then the application will not be able to function.The user can navigate on the map while he will be running. 1.2 Motivation Now a days everyone is busy with his work,be it student working people or anyone else. Sometimes because they don't know the area well or they think jogging is not fun.Also people are not able to get a good run in metro cities due to heavy trac.In such environment our android based jogging application can make jogging possible and fun to such people.Our application will also have some features like playing music so that using earphones people will be able to jog and listen music at the same time. 1 1.3 Abstract The primary goal of this project is to develop an application prototype which will have basic features required for jogging as mentioned below. 1) Application will be able to able to download maps based on current…show more content…
5) Application will be able to run a timer for runner thus giving him idea of duration for which he has been running. Our secondary goal will be to improve this prototype by including some advance features as mentioned below. 1) We will include algorithms which will be able to determine the easiness of a path based on trac and road conditions and environment around the path and then suggest the most convenient path to the user. 2) We will include feature to show a chart after the end of a run to show user his top average speeds and total calories burned and duration of a run. 3) We will also include feature to select target time for the jogging other than target distance. 4) We will include a voice feedback feature which will remind the user of elapsed time and covered distance repeatedly at particular interval. 2 Chapter 2 The Hypothesis 2.1 Present technology in use A research paper had been published to predict the impact of peoples tweets on Twitter on the price of a speci c commodity (gold) with fairly accurate results within a permissible error limit. The data was mined from only a single source

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