The Importance Of Maths In High School

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Mindset In High School I use to think math was not meant for me and I was okay with that, that was a mindset of mine. I never really hated math I just didn’t see the point of it besides having to pass my math class to graduate. Even when I thought I did good on a math assignment or a test turns out I didn’t. Which lead me to think I couldn’t improve in my math class. If we keep think of a negative mindset we will never improve like we want to. Anyone can be good in math or in any other subject as long as you have a good mindset. I keep telling myself I need to do good in all my classes but I haven’t set out any goals to achieve. It is all part of having a good, healthy, and positive mindset and that is what I am trying to do this year. You can’t expect to get good grades and hardly work for it it's not a given. Brian crossing In my tenth grade math class we did a bit of brain crossing with algebra. I use to understand algebra and fractions because I practiced it every so often. But, at the same time there were some problems I could just not get myself to learn. Now that I just learned about brain crossing it all makes sense because we also have to visualize and estimate to really use brain crossing…show more content…
I never really thought about patterns while I attended math class throughout my younger days. I believe that is why I had such a hard time understanding math because I never found the pattern to it. I barely remember anything regarding math beside adding, subtracting, multiplying, and divide. It has been five years since I have taken a math class and I feel like I am starting all over again. I am hoping that this term, year, and hopefully for the rest of my life I can figure out a pattern to use on a daily basis to not forget what I learn. I always thought I didn’t really need to know math in life but that seems to be

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