The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

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On May 7th, A crash happened on a Florida highway. An 18-wheel tractor-trailer was making a sharp left turn in front of a 2015 Tesla Model S. The Tesla was also making the same turn and crashed into each other. The car was in Autopilot mode and did not brake, resulting in injuries. This comes to show that driverless cars are Background: Many people believe that driverless cars are super cool and is in advanced technology but many do not know about the disadvantages and the advantage of them. Many people own autopilot cars because they have heard that it can decrease the number of accidents. However, About 70,000 Tesla Vehicles have a autopilot feature built into them world wide since October 2014 and are costing people thousands and thousands of dollars. Technology should not be able to replace humans…show more content…
To illustrate this, "Globally, there are about 1.2 million traffic fatalities annually, according to the World Health Organization. Which means driverless cars are poised to save 10 million lives per decade-and 50 million lives around the world in half a century",(Lafrance). If producing a driverless cars do help prevents accidents and deaths then imagine how many lives would be saved if everyone had switched from a normal vehicle to a driverless car. However, even though it may save lives, the cost for these cars will be expensive. In addition, "Totally, self-driving cars will not be cheap, either. Making a car completely self driving would add around $10,000 to its price (Tribune News Service). If it costs an additional $10,000 to add an a autopilot feature to a car, then many would be wasting that $10,000 to just have a feature that you can physically do yourself. People could even go purchase higher model of the vehicle they intentionally wanted instead of wasting another ten

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