The Dangers Of Self-Driving Cars

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Self driving cars are cars that drive themselves as implied by the name. On the exterior (outside) the features would be similar to that of a normal car since they would have headlights, position lights, brake lights, reverse lights and the exceptions would be the cameras which the car uses to see what's in front, behind, to the right or to the left of the car so that it will not crash into the wall /railing or an other car in front, behind, to the right or to the left of the car which would cause major damage to the car and other car if it was a car the differences on the interior (inside) would be less noticeable but it would be designed more for the intent of comfort with no steering wheels and brakes in later models so that the passenger has more space to do whatever the passenger needs to and maybe come with preinstalled internet.…show more content…
They are driving themselves, it's as if a fish was swimming itself so it doesn’t matter who owns it and who is in it, The car is still driving itself there is now way for anyone to affect it unless it is hacked but that is unlikely, since by standard the only other way is an interference such as an object is in front of it, an object such as a car, a ball or even a skateboard it's not going to alert the passenger and ask him/ her to stop the car but instead It will stop it itself and wait for the object to move away and if someone comes after the object the the car just does a similar thing since they use learning algorithms they do react differently each time to the same situations. So if self-driving cars existed and were used widly car related incidents would

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