Persuasive Essay On Self Driving Cars

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The time of having to wait hours and even miss a whole day of work or school at the dmv office may take forever to come to an end. Even though learning how to drive may be a great feeling and a huge relief, it also come with a huge responsibility and some people may not be up for it. Self driving cars can give you that feeling and relief and at the same time won't give you any big responsibility. In the year 2016 there were 34,439 fatal crashes (“General Statistics” para 3). Those crashes were caused by people not accepting the responsibility that is needed when getting behind a wheel seriously and put in danger not only your own life but someone else’s life. Self driving cars would be a huge help to today’s society and they will be very eco-friendly…show more content…
Self driving cars have gone from being in the movies like batman were they have an auto pilot feature to real life. Self driving cars have become popular in recent years as they have been slowly worked on by companies like Mercedes-Benz and their F 015 self driving model, Nissan’s intelligent mobility, Tesla’s autopilot in the models, and General Motors’ cruise AV which will be full of accommodations. Other companies like Google already have fully functional self driving cars that are being tested today in open roads. For example, the car company Waymo, who are “...building a safer driver that is always alert and never distracted”(“Technology” para 2). The technology that makes up the Waymo, listed by Automotive News , are sensors that are able to detect any object from people to road work that are up to 240 yards in front of it. The cars manufactured by Waymo are also equipped with software that predicts the moves of every car within its radius. Even though waymo vehicles are not

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