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Driverless air taxis will replace the self-driving cars on the future Technology is growing fast now-a-days. The very best example of this is, the initiative taken to develop the self-driving air taxis. This initiative was taken by Airbus. It aims to replace the self-driving cars with the driverless air taxis in the future. These cars are aimed to fly in the air in order to avoid the traffic. The top automobile manufacturing companies like, Google, Apple, Uber and Tesla, started manufacturing the autonomous vehicles, now Ford has recently joined in the list of companies that manufacture the self-driving vehicles. Ford has fully involved in developing the self-driving vehicles. But this announcement by Ford is not that much surprising, because…show more content…
The complete driverless cars are the one, which will let the driver sleep from the starting of the journey to the destination, that is, they should not get any help from the driver or the engineer. In the driverless taxis there are many problems, they can be solved as they occur. All the problems will be rectified and the complete driverless taxis will come with 2030. After 2030 you can see many driverless cars on the roads, with all the problems solved. On-demand transportation Imagine after 15 years, you book a self-driving car with your app. And it will take you to the destination within 2-3 minutes. A kind of on-demand is happening in the popular companies like the Uber and Lyft. Obviously, if we take the driver off, the price of the ride will automatically come down. If the technology is preferred, the companies which have the on-demand will tend to have their business in the important cities, in order to meet the competition. The car companies will have less number of cars in the future, so they will change their business model. Then they will have a partnership with the managers and charge the cost for every mile till the destination. For strengthening their financial position, the car companies will reduce the number of dealers, middlemen and the financial

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