Case Study: Traveling Abroad

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Watch Your Step! Lesson 3: Traveling Abroad Zero Conditional with Modal Auxiliaries Use the Zero conditional and the verbs in brackets to complete the next sentences. 1. When you press that button, the blender ______________ (turn) off. 2. It's easier to sleep when ________________ (you / not / be) hungry. 3. The teacher gets angry when _______________ (we / not / work) hard. 4. When ____________ (I / travel) by air, I always feel sick. 5. His boss gets cranky when _______________ (he / be) late. 6. When _______________________(I / not / know) the spelling of a word, I ask Jules. 7. They play soccer when ___________________ (they / not / have) any chores. 8. When you heat water, _________________ (it / turn) to vapor. Match the following…show more content…
Where’s the best place to sit when you go to the movies? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Why do onions make you cry? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Why do we have eyebrows? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Why can’t you tickle yourself? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Why do you get dizzy? ____________________________________________________________________________________ • Do you sometimes get sick or feel bad? Complete the following dialog with logical information. Choose one of the ailments in the box. A: What’s the matter? B: I have a terrible________________ and I don’t know what to do. What do you do when you have a _________________? A: When I have a _____________________ I usually __________________. B: That’s a good idea. Thanks. A: Get better! • Now, in the space provided rewrite the dialog with a different ailment. A: __________________? B: ______________________.…show more content…
B: ___________________. __________________. A: _____________________! Are there some things you have to do in certain circumstances? Let’s write a little composition of the things we have to do when we want to do certain things. Choose an activity from the box. (60

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