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When there are governmental abuses which affecting the members of the public, there is an independent institution which generally called as ‘Ombudsman’ and it have the power to examine the governmental abuses. The ombudsman is of course act as the institution that looking at the work of administrative law and the also act as the 'Representative' of the public. Basically, Ombudsman is deriving from Swedish word which has the meaning of a representative or agent of the people or group of people. Even though Sweden was the first country which introduced Ombudsman; however a great deal of interest in the concept of ombudsman was started in New Zealand and for the past 30 years, there has been the spread of ombudsman system across the world where…show more content…
The characteristic necessary for a parliamentary ombudsman include the fact that, although the office is responsible to the parliament, the holder of the office is not a parliamentarian. Such an office should have a generally defined mandate, with its purpose being the protections of the rights of individuals and/or to assist parliamentary control. The office has investigative powers, the power to seek correction of the investigated activity but without the power to issue decision with legally binding force. The International Ombudsman Institute lists a number of distinguishing features for ombudsmen. They investigate administrative matter and complain against government departments and agencies. They are independent of the organizations over which they have jurisdiction. They can make recommendations for remedial action, and can report to legislature on matters they have…show more content…
Maladministration is inefficient or dishonest administration; or mismanagement. Here maladministration is not defined in any of legislation, and it has been left to the ombudsman to develop the concept over the years. One issue of central concern is whether the concept of maladministration and injustice are too restrictive. Among the ombudsmen in developed countries, it is only in the UK that the ombudsmen are confined to investigating cases of maladministration. Ombudsmen in other countries have powers to either look at unreasonable action by public authorities, or report on failures in public

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