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The Analysis of culture shock and academic performance of freshman foreign students in Silliman University Now a days, traveling abroad to take higher education is very common. Moving from home to a new country in pursuit of knowledge and to enhance skills is usually seen as a positive experience (Fisher & hood, 1987). Studying abroad gives a lot of benefits to the students. It gives them edge from the normal students. Foreign students are exposed to foreign cultures and are able to learn the history of another place. Aside from a free side trip, they are also able to learn new language and skills. It also expands their views and perspectives in life. Along with these overwhelming experiences, foreign students are also facing trials and difficulties that are effects of culture shock. It is a normal psychological reaction to the stress caused due to culture change while moving from a known home culture to an unknown world (Jannet & Bennet, 1999) Nevertheless, Culture shock is not a hindrance to the academic performance…show more content…
Victor Enario, if his foreign students were competitive in his class and he answered. " Sadly they are not, I have had some who are average, at the most by the way, they are average, but in most cases like last semester, I had total of four foreign students, three of whom were Koreans, two Koreans dropped from the class, one could not sustain her participation and attendance in class another one he was a guy, he had the problem with the language barrier. And apart from comprehension, another problem that we could probably foresee is your ability to maintain relationships with other students within your cluster, so that becomes a problem." while on the other hand, Mrs. Yape, said that " Yes, most of them." It means that if students are combined with Filipino students, they have higher chance of having a problem with their academic performance compared to those foreign students who are in a foreign

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