The Pros And Cons Of The Manhattan Project

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After the stock market crash in 1929, the Great Depression had begun. At the time, many people believed President Herbert Hoover had foreseen the depression and had not done enough to prevent or end it. The public desperately needed a new leader, so they turned to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He promised great government programs and reforms. With his first election, he introduced programs such as the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and the National Industrial Recovery Act. While many programs were discontinued over the years, a few are still in effect today. For example, Social Security is a major part of life today. Without the New Deal introduced by FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, the Great Depression could have…show more content…
When the United States caught wind of German scientists well on their way to finding one, they decided to take action. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt authorized the beginning of the Manhattan Project in 1939 with the creation of the Advisory Committee of Uranium. After a series of changes, multiple research groups were joined together to form the Manhattan Project. Testing facilities were built in numerous locations, but the most famous was in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the first nuclear bombs were tested. The Manhattan Project and the development of nuclear weapons allowed for a swift end to the war, yet created much controversy and created a power imbalance amongst the…show more content…
This particular territory formerly belonged to the Ottoman Empire, although many nationalists strongly believed it should belong to Serbia. The Archduke and his wife received much hate during their visit, and were eventually shot and killed by a Serbian nationalist by the name of Gavrilo Princip. The government of Serbia was blamed for the attack, leading Austro-Hungary to declare war. Soon enough, Germany and Austro-Hungary were faced with war from several nations, including Serbia, Russia, Belgium, Great Britain, and France. The assassinations of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie caused the beginning of the First World War, and with it, the start of one of the deadliest conflicts in

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