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What insurance for what status? travel insuranceIf your dream is to go live abroad, there are different ways to achieve this goal, according to your desires and your possibilities. Traveling of course, but also going to study, work or even quiet days after retirement. A common point however in all these situations is to be well insured to be able to leave the light spirit and enjoy his stay. But what assurance for what status? When are you considered a traveler or expatriate by insurance professionals? I am ... a vacationer I am ... a great traveler or a tourdumondist I am ... a French student or trainee abroad I am ... a foreign student in France I am traveling in Europe and I need a Schengen visa I am ... foreign resident in France for more than three months I am ... retired expatriate I am ... expatriate I am ... PVTiste I am ... a vacationer family holidaysThat's it, the long-awaited holidays have…show more content…
Remember to ask if these countries are planned for your itinerary! The process is often free. great travellerChoosing a travel insurance that meets your needs makes traveling light-hearted. For example, for a tourdumondist, it is essential that his insurance works worldwide, without notification of change of country. Knowing that you are well covered for a boil as for an emergency is the assurance that your trip will not be spoiled by lack of finances related to health concerns. Travel insurance is also guarantees that allow you to find your loved ones in case of trouble. A guarantee is provided so that a member of your family can come to your bedside in case of prolonged hospitalization abroad. And in the event of the death of a member of your immediate family, the contract also covers your return ticket. Guarantees that prove indispensable in difficult

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