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This is not your typical robotics essay, in this amazing essay that’s roughly 1,500 words I will explain to you so many things about robotics. I have thought long and hard about how to start this piece of art and this is what I came up with. To start with I will be explaining what a robot is, what an artificial intelligence is,providing a brief and lovely history of robotics, and more. Let’s get started! First things first, what is a robot? A robot is a very neat machine that can take out a series of complicated actions. Robots are almost always programmed by computers or have computers in them. Now that that’s out of the way we need to figure out what an artificial intelligence is. An artificial intelligence is the development of computers…show more content…
In the beginning, which is just about 1495, Leonardo Da Vinci decided that he wanted to sketch out plans for a humanoid robot. Then in the 1700’s to the 1900’s a whole lot of life sized robots were made. In 1913 a great step was taken, Henry Ford made the very first moving conveyor belt in his assembly line for his factory. Again in the 1950’s Alan Turing proposed that he wanted to test the theory that robots could actually think for themselves. In 1954 two men by the name of George Devol and Joe Engelberger designed the very first robot arm that was made for assembling dangerous parts in assembly lines. Then in 1957 one of the most famous occurrences happened, a soviet created the first artificial satellite called “Sputnik” marking the beginning of the space race. Then lastly in the really important robots in history according to my opinion, in 1969, when we finally got the programming to make the rockets to go to the…show more content…
Robotics is a very complex thing. If you want to study you’d better start in your earlier years. I’m talking about middle school or high school at the latest. I say this because robotics is a harder subject to work in. You need to either get into a programming class or a robotic class. The classes are sort of hard but after you finally get the hang of it you’ll pass with flying colors, but only if you actually try to pass the class of course. You can build the bots, make the bots do a little dance, and even make them realize when there is and isn’t noise. So all in all the class is rather fun, now for college, it gets better. (Well it actually depends on the college you go to) Let me give you some examples. If you were to go to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Philadelphia. This is an idle place to go. It’s the largest university to be affiliated with robotics! But there’s a catch… It only has an acceptance rate of 23.6%... This clearly means you need to work extremely hard to get into the school. Now let me use a better example, some college with a bit higher acceptance rate. Hmmm… Let’s go with Indiana University. This place has a much higher acceptance rate, coming in at a whopping 76.1%. Oh and look! It’s got a lot of stuff in engineering too! Ohhhh and it even has the thing we’re looking for, robotics technology! “Wait, what does

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