Egg Drop Research Paper

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The drop of the egg has many physics, when the egg drops there it has lost for forces behind it such as the eggs speed and the movement of it. The forces of the egg is velocity, speed, Newton's first law, gravity and acceleration. If you see when the egg drops the motion will still remain moving until it gets interrupted by any other other forces, for example the floor that the egg would eventually hit would be the force that causes it to stop it from moving. Do to history and past experiments the experiment of the Egg Drop illustrates the concept of physics. Some of our understanding of what happens to an egg that is dropped comes from Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and physicist who was born in 1642 and died in 1727. The conspiracy is that Newton discovered…show more content…
Then going walk to the football field and test my own designs I haved made. Then right after that I will get down where I dropped it from and see if it’s broke or not. Then when that's all done I will come back to see if my hypotheses was correct or not. When I get through all of it I will understand more about the egg drop. I will also be use the stuff that Mrs.Skewis has in her recycling bend. These would be something that I would do for one of my own sketch. I will a plastic bottle and inside of uses the shredded paper, I will use something else, something more solster then shredded paper, inside of the clay I will be using the lid of the water bottle. I will try to find a way to put the egg from the other side and how I will cover it up. So when I drop it the egg will not fall off and crack. Then I will leave something to opened to see if it broke or not. I would paint the bottle for people cant tell if it really broke but then if I did then it would help me so if it did break I didn't have to put my fingers and touch the yellow yolk. And this will be my first design so it will be

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