Real Estate Finance Case Study

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To talk about my preliminary interest in real estate finance, I must go back to the time when the development of real estate industry in China started to accelerate in the first decade of the new millennium. During my teenage years, I witnessed the real estate industry enjoyed a huge boom and exerted great influence on the daily life of normal people. The real estate industry became an important mainstay of the national economy and the investment in this industry, for the ordinary citizens, was one of the dominant ways to manage their money. But at the same time, housing, education and medical treatment constituted the three major livelihood issues plaguing the majority of Chinese. The fact was that not a few people cannot afford to buy a…show more content…
First of all, the core modules on XX, XX and XX helped me to build the fundamental understanding of real estate finance. Then the related research projects and case studies granted me the opportunities to apply the knowledge what I have acquired into practice. Among these, the group project on XX left a lasting impression on me, in which our team was asked to propose a development scheme on a parcel of land sold by the city government in Wuhan. The scheme of our team consisted of the preliminary feasibility analysis and the research on real estate project design, real estate financing, real estate marketing and the like. After a three-month field investigation and a large amount of data analysis, our team successfully finished the assigned tasks and eventually achieved the first place in the final assessment. Through an active participation in these research projects, my quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills were greatly honed in the whole process of the research. And with three years’ hard work, I have always kept myself in the top 10 circle of our class with the average score of 87/100, which attests to my excellent intellectual…show more content…
In my summer vacations, I have taken several work placements much related to real estate finance. Here I want to make a particular mention of my intern at the Real Estate Financing Department of Bank of Communications Guangzhou Branch. The internship, frankly speaking, was a hard but rewarding experience. During that period, I gained the direct insight into the real estate finance industry. In modern China, the single financing channels and imperfect financing system much hindered the development of the real estate finance market in China. At such an age of huge crisis, it is imperative for China to diversify the portfolio of real finance investment and build a new capital system. But since the field of real estate finance is still in its infancy in China, the professionals must learn the experiences from the mature real finance market in western countries. Henceforth, I contemplated furthering my study of real estate finance abroad in order to solve the problems facing the real estate industry in China. In addition to academics, I pay much attention to improving my communication and leadership abilities through practical activities. As head of the ping-pong team of our university, I led my team members to participate in various levels of sports games. During these games, our team worked together and helped each other, allowing

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