Bullying Creative Writing

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An unwelcoming scary gloom weaved its way into the hallway. A standstill conversation stood between both of us. The silence stood over the argument we were having. "Dad, its Hammarskjold," I blurted out, breaking the silence. I clutched my basketball Jersey, holding tight at the number eleven. I was going to win today's game. But as of right now, my dad is dumbfounded and doesn’t know what school we are going to. Through the dimmed window I saw, it was pouring, the rain pummeling the fragile roof of our home. The sound was gnawed at my ears. My dad’s overprotective nature was evident from the next sentence he spit. "The school is Lawrence Brook." He replied valiantly, "You want me to show you the email? Outside, lightning boomed to accompany…show more content…
I gazed around. The large oak trees surrounded me; the leaves of a newborn fall season hugged my foot. I ran into the car. The rain ravaged the top of the car, steering clear of my open window. As the car geared into reverse, my thoughts drove onward. The practices have always been at Hammarskjold, Why would it be Lawrence?" I stared through the window. My eyes squinted at the illuminated headlights and buildings, making the night seem like a broad daylight. Minute by minute, I waited. I thought about the game to pass the time. "You better do your best when you get there. If you don't..." My train of thought came to a halt as water glided into the car as the tires persevered threw a puddle. The puddle, blending in with the concrete road and the dimmed night, made the compound seem eerie.…show more content…
Even in this cracked moonlight, I felt so dark inside. He pulled up to the entrance. My dad announced, "You can get off now." He seemed convinced of what I said, but now, I. Was. Worried. But yet, I value my reputation most. “My ego made words fly out of my mouth, "Bye." I instantly regretted them. My dad responded, “Do you need me to come inside?" I remained silent and exited the car, smiling at the drama I induced. I heard the motor start. Now it was now time for me to win the game, I looked up at the stars. The stars were almost shaped like a cat, blessed with midnight color. "A black cat," I thought, "Wonderful." Elegantly I hopped through the rain, into the side doors of the gym, ready to win. I dribbled my basketball three triumphant times. I listened to the echo. I looked around. No one was there except for the janitor. I weaved my way through the hallways, thinking I was the first one there. I peeped through the gym window. Finally, a message shot into my head, "Stupid, get out." I peeked through the second gym window. Abandoned. I rammed into the door in which I came from, hoping I would still see the car. Nope. I sprinted to the door on the other side, with adrenaline fueling me. There the silver beast was, creeping away. My heart revved up, along with the car. My white shoes became indulged with black dirt. My mind became blank. I had one goal, and I was going to reach it. I sprinted to the car, a basketball clutched

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