12 Angry Jurors By Reginald Rose: Play Summary

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I went to see 12 angry jurors by Reginald Rose on September 18, 2015 at 7:30pm at the Klein oak High School. The play was about 12 juror that have to decide whether a boy who is accused of murdering his father. At the beginning only 11 out of the 12 jurors believed the boy was guilty. There was one guy who didn’t believe the boy was guilty because he didn’t believe everything added up from the 2 witnesses’ stories to the train that passed by or to the way the knife was stabbed trough the boy’s father. The first witness was an old guy that claimed he heard the boy threaten his father that he was going to kill him while the train was passing. The jury timed the steps for a guy who to have 2 canes. When that added up some jurors has changed their place in guilty to not guilty.…show more content…
She claimed that the train was passing as she saw supposedly the boy stab his father. Soon the group finds out that the lady who whom to see the stabbing where thick glasses and she in her statement claimed to see the boy stab his father right when she woke up and looked out the window. Another piece of evidence was when the old guy claimed to see the boy run down the stairs out in the hallway way 15 seconds in the area and the guy and his ability it wasn’t possible for him to see the boy also because it was really dark, the police had to use a light in the hallway when looking for evidence. One of lady seemed to npotice that for some reason the seam of his shirt didn’t seem right. Even though that doesn’t seem like a big deal it kinded is. This was an old guyb who was probably nothing for his life and he may have just wanted to feel wanted. The last piece of evidence was the way the father was stabbed. The boy has grown up in the streets and is a professional knife

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