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The saying “Deadman tells no tales” is quite untrue in the study of forensic anthropology. With an eye for details and a meticulous touch, forensic anthropologists are able to use clues left behind by skeletal remains and artifacts found to pry further into the life the deceased individual once had, how they lived, and how they died. Most of the current cases the scientists come across is crime related, but sometimes fragments of the past appear, as if wanting to be heard. A great example given is James Fort, one of the first settlements in the New World. Built by European settlers approximately 400 years ago, it simply vanishes. Little record was left behind about its people and the lives they lead, and the location was thought to have been…show more content…
But watching “Written in Bones” brought to light the fact that human history is made up of and by individuals. We’re talking about history as a whole, but at the same time we’re talking about the minute parts that makes up the bigger picture, for a better understanding. This is important because historic records are written by our predecessor, and biases can influence their judgement and how they tell the tales (the victor writes the history pages). The facts from these skeletal remains, along with artifacts found in their context, helps paint a more accurate historical picture.The textbooks and the records only cover the overall experience of what had happened, but when looking at the bones, their personal stories, their lives - everything is in their bones. That is a fact that cannot be compromised or summarize into a section or one or two…show more content…
The website is most enjoyable because there are enough components there to pique the interest of its visitor, and the use of layman language is especially helpful so people can relate to the materials more. Histories as well as modern forensic, definitions, case studies, biographies of those who have made a difference in the field, etc., is all but a click away. The chosen cases inform visitors that forensic is a diversified field, ranging from forensic physician assistant to forensic nursing to forensic anthropology. They also shows the importance of the field by showcasing famous murder such as Abraham Lincoln, and appealing to people’s patriotism by featuring a deceased unidentified soldier; how forensic anthropologist help the grieving family move on by identifying the man. Another interesting and quite enjoyable resource on the site is under the “Education” tab. Here visitors can have a little taste of what it is like if they were to pursue forensic as a potential degree. Also, if a teacher want to show something extra for their curriculum, there are lesson plans available to them. All of the these may seems like a bombardment of information, and even confusing perhaps, but it is fairly important to know that what appears on the website are merely facts, critical inquiries are needed for better understanding of the

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