Buck The Wild

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In the light of Call of the Wild, by Jack London, Buck is a dynamic (changing) character. Buck’s a dog, who is the main character. The story takes place during the Klondike Gold-Rush. He starts out living a peaceful life in sunny California, believing he is the “ruler of his domain.” One day, he gets captured and taken to Alaska. There, he is forced to be apart of a sled team and to survive the harsh conditions. Throughout the story, he gets sold to many different owners; some who are cruel and inexperienced. During his life with Judge Miller, he was uniquely the biggest, 140 pound dog around. Regardless of Buck, all of the other dogs around him were tiny and pampered. Buck loved to go hunting with Miller's sons since he knew he could protect them well. After a long day he would enjoy his evening by the fireplace. Before the kidnapping, Buck trusted all of…show more content…
The man in the red taught Buck a lesson; fear of men with clubs. Red Sweater beat the dog until he had no energy left to retaliate and bite. Buck had become a snarling beast. He was once again sold to two men, François and Perrault who took Buck to the Alaska Yukon. François and Perrault were experienced sled drivers, who worked for the Canadian government. Buck was forced to join a team of sled dogs and run for hours long, in the harsh conditions of Alaska. While traveling with the group of dogs, Buck began to regain survival instincts, that had been buried deep within him, dissipating over the many years of domestication. By observing his teammates, Buck becomes a quick-learner and he learns how to survive in his tough new environment. Eventually he learns that it is either kill or be killed. Also, if he wanted to stay warm had to dig a snow den. Being the primordial beast he was, he worked his way up the status rankings; Buck challenged Spitz, the lead dog. After the merciless battle, Spitz was killed, and Buck once again became the king of all
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