Norman Bates Psychoanalysis

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Psycho 'Psycho' is a psychological thriller film published in 1960 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I think the movie is about a psycho named Norman Bates who has unusual crash to his mother then leads to a series of tragedy. In this essay, I will externalize the movie and explain my point of view to the story. Norman Bates is one of the main character in the movie. In the movie, Norman kills his mother Norma Bates and her lover Joe Considine. His father dies in his early age. I assume that the psychosis of Norman may start from the death of his father. According to the psychoanalytic theory of Oedipus Complex-the son has a tendency of sexual affection toward his mother and fight against his father, Norman considers himself already takes over…show more content…
Marion Crane has a boyfriend called Sam Loomis. Sam can not afford to get married with her but they already have sexual relationship which is not allowed in the 1950s. Marion decides to flee away from trouble and see the opportunity. However, Marion does not know how dangerous does Bates' Motel is. After Norman Bates' mother Norma dies, he starts to acts and talk like her. Sometimes, he even wears Norma's clothes to make an illusion that his mother is still alive. In the movie set, Norman has sexual arousal when he sees Marion so he arranges her to a room beside his office. There is a hole on the wall that Norman can peek to Marion's room from his office. At this time, Norman's personality switches again because his unconscious mind tells him this is a mistake, this is a sin. Then, Norman dresses like his mother and kills Marion when Marion is taking shower. At this scene, the camera focus on the blood with water flowing into the sink. It probably implies that Marion's sin is washing away and her soul finally can find the peace. This character Marion Crane is a person that full of sins in the perspective of the 1950s. Firstly, she has sexual relationship before getting married. Secondly, she is a thief who steal $40,000 from the company she works in. In the movie, the death of Marion is
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