Fool Her Husband In Miller's Tale

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Havelock Ellis says, “Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive.” This author means that although love is something magnificent, every time that jealous appear ruins it. In the “Miller’s Tale” this is what happen. However, Alison should not fool her husband, John should not be too much overprotective and characters should respect each other. First, Alison should not fool his husband. In the book say, “Fair was this younge wif, and therwithal as any wesele hir body gent and small” (p. 267). Alison, of eighteen years old was a beautiful lady, as mention in the phrase. On the other hand, John was an old man. John understands that in certain way, she was too much for him. In his jealousy, John overprotects his wife with the intention that nobody saw her and tries to take her away from him. Obviously, he was wrong with his overprotection, because if she really loved him, she had never had sex with Nicholas. Alison makes the mistake of fool to a man who really loves her, John. She should talk with him about what was happening, and how she feels with all that overprotection and jealous, and probably they had been able to reach agreement. She should not make that Nicholas lie to her husband, and…show more content…
When people is in a relationship, both have to learn how to deal with the problems, and John does not want to have problems concerning to wiles. Maybe, with the overprotection he overwhelmed to Alison and she decided to have an “adventure” with Nicholas. John have to trust more in himself and try to accept that although he is an old man, this lady get married with him for a reason, other than the money. Although Alison was a woman who really likes money and is looking for opportunities of easy success, she could see something in this old man other than his wealth. John could try to conquer her every single day with small details or, phrases; any other thing instead of being too much

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