Buck In The Call Of The Wild

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A major theme in Jack London’s book the call of the wild is that life is a guest to find one’s true identity of destiny, which is what buck does throughout the entire story.In which Buck tries to gain respect from others. Striving for leadership is another major theme in Jack London’s book call of the wild. At the beginning,buck is a normal dog everything changes when he has to achieve survival, safety, and security.For example, when Buck first got there he was a normal cheerful dog. But then as you notice things start to change like he has to get use to surviving in the wild. Like the climate, low supplies of food, and his safety is what he has to do to if he wants to survive in the wild.as buck changes all of these things he slighty starts to change as he strives for greatness.In the middle, Buck has been striving for greatness of now being a sled dog. For example, Buck sets goals for the head leader of the team. Hurting Spitz then Spitz dying bumps buck of to leader.…show more content…
First, Buck becomes a great sled dog. For example, learns commands, extra food, feet rubs, etc.Since Buck earns Francois and Perrawts respect = recognition. Second, other dogs follow bucks lead.For instance, Buck protects other dogs from spitz, inciting a revolt.Since Buck commands other dogs to disobey spitz= status. Last, buck finds love with John Thornton. For example, shaking his head, bucks play bites/rescuing him.Since Buck and Thornton are inseparable= love. In conclusion, Buck furthers his quest by gaining his master’s recognition, status among his peers, and the love of John

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