Buck From Call Of The Wild Perseverance

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Everyone has to go through a perseverance event some time in their life. Every perseverance event is unique whether they deal with separation or pain. Just like Buck from Call Of The Wild. Even in the most “perfect” person's life they will have to go through one event or another that they will have to work harder than they ordinarily would. Buck had to go through being forced from his mellow, ecstatic life at his own Judge Millers to being a hard working sled dog. On the other hand, my dad was separated from two of the people he loved the most. His father and his wife. He had to persevere to get through these devastating events just like Buck did when he lost John Thornton. To illustrate, Buck From Call of The Wild had to persevere to get used to the completely different life. If Buck had not persevered, he had to survive treacherous winters and learn how to interact with the other dogs. The whole book was a wild ride for Buck but he found a way to persevere through it. He lost John Thornton. John Thornton was like a father to Buck. John died, but it worked out for the better for Buck because he was finally able to answer his call of the wild.…show more content…
The first thing that happened to my dad was his father's suicide. It happened on December 25th. My dad feels terribly bad for being cruel to him on the night before his death. I was too young to remember it, but he really misses his father and wants him back more than anything. About two years later, my dad lost his wife in a divorce. He tried everything to stop her from divorcing him, but he couldn't do it. He lost his dad now his wife he couldn’t do it anymore and he begged God to help him persevere and he says god helped him. It all worked out for the better and he has a new wife and daughter, but that part of his life changed him

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