How Did Buck Survive In The Call Of The Wild

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A major theme in The Call Of The Wild is adaptability is essential for survival. In the beginning of the book, Buck learns to adapt to his new surroundings. First, Buck adapts to a colder climate. For example, Buck has to sleep outside in the freezing cold, and has to sleep in the snow. Back at home, Buck sleeps inside on a cozy bed. This proves Buck gets used to colder weather. Second, Buck gets fed differently than he did at Judge Miller’s place. For instance, Buck goes two days and two nights without any food or drink. Back at home Buck ate whatever, whenever. This shows how Buck adapts to a new diet. Last, Buck is no longer treated like a perfect king. For example, when they first capture Buck, he tries to get away but they strike him with a club. Buck has never been beaten or had to follow instructions before so this took some getting used to.…show more content…
First, is told to fight Spitz in order to be the Alpha. At Judge Miller’s place Buck was a perfect dog and never picked a fight with other dogs. This shows that it would be hard for Buck to fight against Spitz. Second, Buck has to get used to breaking rules in order to survive. For instance, Buck is starving so he steals food from Perrault. At home Buck never worried about surviving because Judge Miller gave him everything. This was new to Buck. Finally, Buck adapts to pulling a sled in the snow. For example day after day, Buck has to toil the dangerous trail. He’s not used to working or being in the cold. This proves Buck continues to adapt to his
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