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Ernest Shackleton was an explorer during the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was known for going to an arctic expedition twice. One time he was commanding and the other time he was following to the other known explorer called Scott. However both times of his arctic expedition he has failed. Once he got sick and left his first expedition early, and the second time him and his crew failed as their boat got stuck in the ice. Although his missions were not successful, Shackleton showed great leadership, and with that kind of leadership, he was able to get back from the arctic with his whole crew safety by putting his crew first before anything else that was important in the expedition. For this assignment, I will be answering four different questions relating to the expedition and Shackleton leadership skills and how he used them to get him and his crew back alive from the dangers of the arctic. what enables leader and teams to overcome conditions of extreme adversity ? When…show more content…
Without it, they wouldn't of made it back alive nor live long enough in the arctic. It was clear that the majority of the crew got along well with each other. Not only did they use teamwork in the arctic, they had to work together through out the voyage towards the arctic, or else they would have never be able to arrive there at the first place. Of course there has been arguments with the crew and Shackleton, but that didn't stop them to going to the arctic. Shackleton always wanted to solve a problem as a team, for example, when the crew had to clean the ship, he too took part to clean the ship and motivated the crew when they needed too. This proves of how a great leader Shackleton was to his crew. He know that the only way to get something done in an effective and efficient way was to work together as a team. Also him being part of the team instead of commanding it, created a better relationship with him and his

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