Faith Harper Case Study

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After reading the case of Faith Harper I have learned that there were many different obstacles that she was faced with in order to get herself and her children to safety. The major issue that Faith was faced with was the fact that she was African American. Not only is she African American, but also she is from Kenya and is not an American Citizen. Another obstacle that Faith has been faced with is that she is female in a world where males have all of the power and control. Faith also deals with the fact that she is married to a Caucasian man who is an American Citizen. I believe this was a major issue, which Faith had to deal with throughout this case. Her husband’s race and citizenship gave him the upper hand in this situation and it allowed him to influence and persuade others in believing that she was “crazy” and not a reliable source. No one wanted to listen to Faith and on the rare occasion when they did listen they did not believe the information she was disclosing to them about her husband and the abuse her and her children were being forced to endure. 2. What is the role…show more content…
It shows readers how different the American culture is in comparison to African cultures. The numerous differences between American and African cultures, which we saw while reading this case made it easier for Bob to manipulate and control the system as a result of being an American citizen. He made Faith seem “crazy” and used her culture against her because she is “different.” I feel that the role of culture is a constant issue in the world we live in today. You are able to come in contact with those who are different than you each day and often we struggle with how to act and understand these individuals. Since many of us are uneducated about different cultures it is easier for our society to be unaccepting and discriminate these individuals like we saw Bob, the police and CPS do to Faith in this

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