How Did Buck Survive In The Call Of The Wild

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A theme proved throughout all of Jack London’s classic “The Call of the Wild” is that adaptability is essential for survival. At the beginning of the book, Buck must be able to adapt to his new environment that is always hostile. First, Buck must adapt to and learn the law of club.For example, when Buck meets the man in the read sweater he learns the law of the club by learning that he must obey the man in the red sweater or else he would be beat until he obeyed. Since Buck survived his first encounter of breaking the law, he then learns to follow it. Second, Buck adapts to the law of fang. For instance, Buck witnesses the dog, Curly’s death which was a brutal display of the law. Since Buck witnesses Curly’s death, he learned the law and a life lesson that is essential for his survival. Last, Buck must adapt to his new, bitter cold home. For example, on Buck’s first night with Perrault, Buck adapts to and learns how to survive and sleep through the chilling winter night. Since Buck discovered how to do this he adapted to survive. In conclusion, Buck…show more content…
First, Buck must adapt to his new environment. For example, as Buck spends more time in his new environment, he regains his dormant instincts and is regaining his wildness. Second, Buck must learn to fight with his new instincts. For instance, when Buck and Spitz finally fight for the spot of alpha, Buck uses his instincts to severely wound Spitz. Since Buck was able to adapt to the northern fighting style, he was able to survive and become alpha. Last, Buck was able to adapt to his wild side and was able to embrace it as well. For example, when Black Burton punches John Thorton, Buck uses his instincts and attacks black Burton. Since he was able to use his instincts to attack Black, Buck was able to adapt to become a fighter. In conclusion, Buck adapting to become a fighter in the middle of the book was essential for his
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